The F3, in cooperation with National Geographic Magazine, is proud to present a selection of some of the best award-winning short films from National Geographic magazine's video team from the past year.

Film's this year include films about wounded war dogs brought back home, the building of Trajan's Column, and the surviving children of Civil War veterans.

Children of the Civil War: Examination of living children of Civil War soldiers
Buildling Bruneleschi's Dome: Animation. How Florence's famous dome was built
Trajan's Column:  Animation. Trajan's Column in Rome
Dillie the Deer: Story of an unconventional family pet
Child Prodigy: A child violinist battles sickle cell anemia
Nuclear Tourism: Inside the Titan Missile Museum
Mapping the Brain
Photographers on Photography: NatGeo photographers on their passion for photography
Marijuana for Kids: The use of medical marijuana in the pediatric population
Detroit: The portrait of a city in transition

On hand for the showing of these films is Hans Weise, Senior Producer at National Geographic magazine who will be hosting the afternoon's film block. Guests include Spencer Millsap, Producer and Editor at the magazine and Shannon Sanders, also a Producer and Editor. They will introduce the films and then do a q&a session at the end to address any questions the audience may have.

Don't miss this great opportunity to see some award winning shorts films from the legendary National Geographic magazine.