Born of Stone

  • Release Date: 2016
  • Director: Emilio Bellu
  • Storyline: A short documentary about Pinuccio Sciola, Sardinia's most important modern sculptor: active since the '60s, his sculptures and murals have travelled the world and inspired fellow artists like Renzo Piano. Unlike most sculptors, he was not satisfied to just shape stones. He found a way to make them talk. Completed just a few weeks before Sciola’s recent passing, Born of Stone is a deep dive inside the sights and sound of a remarkable artists, and an exploration of his belief that stones are not just the material that gives shape to the universe, but that they are alive, plastic, a fundamental way to communicate with nature.
  • Country: Italy/Czech Republic
  • Language: Italian with subtitles
  • Run Time: 16 mins

Maryland Premiere
Berlin Short Film Festival

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