For the second year the F3 and the Frederick Center have teamed up to bring you a collection of films with an LGBTQ connection. Tickets at the door or online here:

This year we've got an excellent mixture of artsy, comedy, action, drama, and love films with a LGBTQ connection. Experiencing both sessions is highly recommended, you have permission to stay up a little later than typical.

No spoilers are given, watching trailers for short films is not recommended.
(List subject to change, but isn't expected)

Session #1, 7pm
AUFBRECHEN (Burst) - An unexpected kiss triggers a young mans journey to his innermost self
SISAK - A train-based love affair with no words
PASS THE SALT - Eva and Georgia come to realize that salt might be the perfect remedy for a wounded relationship.
MÄDCHENSEELE - It’s quite plain to 7 year old Nori: She is a girl, because she has a girl’s heart. But her body is that of a boy …

-- BREAK --

Session #2, 8:30pm
PRIA - Asian love film with great cinematography
HARD WAY - Musical action SWAT team movie, yes, must see, rated 9.8 out of 10, just out.
DIE HOCHZEITSPOLIZEI - Belly-aching comedy

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