Venue:  McClintock Distilling Company, 35 South Carrol Street, Frederick

Date: June 14, 2017, 7-10pm

The Frederick Film & Music Festival is highlighting the "music" part of their name on June 14 at McClintock Distillery,35 South Carroll Street in beautiful downtown Frederick with an event packed with good music from Violet Bell and Hard Swimmin' Fish as well as a look at of some of the short films that will be gracing the screens of the festival at the end of the month.  

Violet Bell is Lizzy Ross and Omar Ruiz-Lopez. Based out of Durham, NC, Violet Bell weaves gypsy, blues, and soul influences with folk-rock roots.

Lizzy Ross made a name for herself with stirring original songs and “a voice like cigarettes and the smoothest whiskey you’ve ever tasted” (Stephen Markley, Chicago RedEye).  

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Omar Ruiz-Lopez has toured extensively with Jonathan Byrd, Crystal Bright, Chocolate Suede, Steph Stewart & The Boyfriends, and performed several of his original compositions with the Durham Symphony Orchestra. The duo have captivated crowds at their more than 200 shows since first teaming up in 2016. 

After the first set we'll treat you to several short films as we get ready to spend the rest of the evening with the bluesy energy of Hard Swimmin' Fish! 

Hard Swimmin’ Fish is an ensemble deeply rooted in the traditions of American music. Our down home roots sound pilfers from the best that early American music has to offer including blues, jazz, funk and swing, and churn it all up into a spicy brew that is familiar yet uniquely our own. 

The musical influences and instrumentation of the band seamlessly combine tradition and modernity. Demian Lewis (guitar/vocals) and Waverly Milor (harmonica/vocals) are steeped in blues traditions of the American south. Conjuring the wails of Howlin’ Wolf, RL Burnside and Bukka White, they pen original compositions that harken to an old time blues show. Rooting the ensemble on upright and electric bass is Randy Ball whose unyielding pursuance of the groove has led him to study with luminaries Chuck Rainey and Victor Wooten. The rhythmic engine of the band is Jason Walker. His knowledge of musical traditions from Africa, its extension into the Caribbean, and their culmination in New Orleans in the American drum set, rumbles, growls and speaks in tongues through his cajon (box drum) based contraption set. 

With over two decades of honing their sound Hard Swimmin’ Fish shows are an infectious, danceable, roots music throwdown. 

Miss this event at your peril! The rest of your week will flow by that much quicker after this midweek, talent-heavy, energy laden night. 

Adult beverages will be available for purchase and your $10 ticket price includes one beverage! 

Buy your advance tickets is limited so buy early!