Opening Night at the Frederick Film & Music Festival Features Plenty of Both…plus Barbecue!

Opening night is always a special one at the Frederick Film&Music Festival. It’s the night that shows us that all of our hard work is being put to the test and while there are still two more days of festival to go once the curtain falls on the opening night feature film, the Afterparty at Brewer’s Alley is a great reward for starting the festival off well.

The films start rolling on Friday the 23rd at 2pm of course, but at about 6pm we close down the theatre to get ready for the evening events.

We encourage everyone to mingle in the lobby and enjoy happy hour pricing at the bar and mix with other festival-goers, filmmakers, and the F3 staff. We love to meet the folks who come out to the festival.

The opening night short films start at 7:30 and this year feature a worldwide selection of films:

Fomo Sapiens (Sweden)
Last Call Lenny (US)
Backstory (Germany)
Awkward (Canada)

Following the short films will be a five minute break to give you an opportunity to stretch a bit before we settle into the feature film of the evening, the East Coast Premiere of the amazing film “Barbecue” which premiered this year at SXSW to critical raves.

Barbecue is about more than grilling a piece of meat. It is a deeply entrenched ritual, an act performed religiously around the world, a ceremony refined over millennia. Every culture has some form of barbecue. But what is it about cooking meat over fire a thing that brings communities and families together? Barbecue is a tool for celebration. It is the pride of nations. It is something that transcends cultural differences.

Filmmakers Matthew Salleh and Rose Tucker have travelled the globe, finding what it is that makes us human, what unites us in an increasingly uncertain world. Filmed obsessively over two years, in 13 languages, “Barbecue” is intimately told by those who stoke the flames and turn the meat. This is their story, told on the world stage. The result is a densely woven tapestry of thoughts and moments from a truly diverse world. With glorious cinematic images in 4K, and a full orchestral score, ‘Barbecue’ is a symphony of meat and fire told in epic detail.

From Shisanyama in Africa, to Engangsgrill in Sweden, people light fires, gather, and talk. This isn’t just a film about food – it’s about why life is worth living. From the Syrian border to an outback town in Australia, barbecue is all around us. Following the film is, of course, the Afterparty @ Brewer’s Alley this year featuring, naturally, BARBECUE! Come work off your appetite that the film stoked…and have some of the beverage that makes Brewer’s Alley a favorite in Frederick!

But it’s not just about the food and drink at the Afterparty. There’s always live music and this year it’s provided by Megan Jean and the Klay Family Band – a favorite up and down the east coast – who always provide an amazing evening of high energy music and top shelf vocals like the Devil Herself.

Your film festival pass gets you in to the Afterparty and includes your food and drink…if you can’t make the festival and just want to come for the music and the party at Brewer’s, tickets will be available only at the door for $15…a good option if you can’t make any of the rest of the festival but would like to enjoy some of the amazing music we’ve brought out this year.

So be sure to put the Frederick Film & Music Festival’s Opening Night on your calendar…There is no better way to wrap up the first day of the festival and steel yourself for the rest of the weekend than with a wonderful night upstairs at Brewer’s Alley!